72 hours in Berlin

If you want to explore a German city that has a lot of internationality to offer, you should definitely go to Berlin!

Day 1 – Arrive and get a (literal) overview of this city

13.00h – Arrive at either Berlin Tegel or Berlin Schönefeld

From Berlin Tegel, you can easily get to the city center with one of the buses, operated by the public transportation company “BVG”. From Berlin Schönefeld, you can use the urban railways (operated by DB) , regional railways (DB) or buses (BVG).

You can either go from the airport to the main station and then from there to your hotel or you go to your hotel directly. The easiest way to not lose yourself in this city is to ask for help at the airport.

14.30h – City center and overview

After checking in to your hotel and finally realizing that you are in Berlin and your city trip will start, put on some comfortable shoes and travel to Alexanderplatz.

There, you will see the World Clock, showing the actual times in different cities all over the world. Maybe you can find yours on there, too!

Get yourself a coffee to go in one of the bars in the area or if you are a chocoholic, go to the “Cherie Chocolat” in the Shopping center Alexa.

Next up, go to the TV tower to get an overview of the city. The restaurant above the public area has a part that moves slowly, so that within one hour you can see everything without moving.

© Anastasia Dulgier

16.30h – Red Town Hall and Nikolaikirche

Next to the TV tower, you will find the Red Town Hall. The name is coming from the red bricks that this building is made of. You can visit it and its collections Mo-Fri from 9-18, but due to events or security reasons, it can be closed on some days.

© andre_berlin

End your first day with a visit to the Nikolaikirche, a church from the 13th century that was destroyed during the Second World War and was only rebuilt years later.

Now it is transformed into a museum that hosts events regularly, like the 30 minutes organ concert every Friday at 17.00 o’clock, so if you are interested in this, come back tomorrow.

18.00h – Dinner and relaxation

For getting to know the German culture, go to the “Brauhaus Georgbraeu” and try the Hearty beef goulash with red cabbage and potato dumplings along with a “Georgbraeu hell” beer.

Day 2 – An interesting walk through history

9.30h – Cathedral

After a refreshing breakfast, continue where you left the day before. Walk through the Memorial Park “Marx-Engels-Forum” and cross the Liebknecht-bridge to get to the dome.

The dome is open from 9-19 on Monday to Saturday and from 12-19 on Sunday. If you want, you can join a guided tour that is included in the entry price, starting every 20 minutes. If there is an event, it might be that parts of the dome are closed to the public.

© Anthony Reungère

11.30h – Museum Island

After the cathedral, you can decide to go to the museums on the so called “Museum Island”. There are five big museums and every one of them is an UNESCO-world heritage.

In the “Neues Museum” (New Museum) you can see a collection of Egyptian art, prehistoric objects and classical antiquities. Especially the bust of Nefertiti attracts a lot of people, but it also offfers interesting temporary exhibitions.


14.30h – Unter den Linden to Brandenburg Gate

Walk along “Unter den Linden”, a street where you can find the famous Hotel Adlon, until you reach the Pariser Platz, where you can find the Brandenburg Gate.

Be careful there with your things, if there are a lot of people, it is easy for pickpockets.

The Brandenburg Gate is the only one left of the 18 city gates. It has a lot of historical meaning for the Germans, but the most recent one is the reunion of West and East Germany because the Brandenburg Gate was standing right at the frontier of East and West Berlin.

© Ricardo Gomez Angel

18.00h – Reichstag

From there, go to the Reichstag, the parliament building with its glass dome.

After this, walk along the Spree river and cross it, for example over the “Weidendammer Brücke”, to arrive in Berlin Mitte. There, you will find the “Kartoffelkeller” Restaurant, a restaurant that has a lot of potato dishes to offer (some accompanied with meat, fish or something else).

© IvaCastro

Day 3 – Potsdam and Charlottenburg Palace

10.00h – Start of the tour

Take a half day tour to Potsdam, that you booked here.

After the (included) drive to Potsdam, you will enjoy a short sightseeing tour of Potsdam, before heading to the Sanssouci Palace and having a guided tour there.

From April to October, the tour also includes time to walk through the magnificent palace garden. Depending on the season, the tour will end at 14.00 or 15.00 in Berlin.

14.00/15.00h – Lunch

You will be dropped off at Kurfürstendamm. Go to Bier’s Kudamm 195 and enjoy the typical Berlin “Currywurst” (Sausage with Currysauce and fries).

14.30h – Charlottenburg Palace

Use the bus or tram (or walk) to get to Charlottenburg Palace with its beautiful palace garden.

It’s closed on Mondays, but from Tuesday to Sunday it is opened, depending on the season.

Inside, you can see how the rooms were furnished back then and you will see an astonishing collection of artwork and pomposity.

After your visit, restore your breath while enjoying the well-kept palace garden.

© bheyner

17.30h – Walk along the river to have a last German dinner in the “Schnitzelei”.

Day 4 – Saying goodbye

9.00h – Have a last breakfast in your hotel or maybe choose to go to one of the bars nearby to enjoy your last morning in Berlin

Even if you are not a big fan of buzzing cities, you will most definitely come back. Berlin has way more for you to see and it is changing so fast, that there are always new things to see and discover. Maybe you’ll find some time on your flight home to plan your next stay 😉


Berlin, like every city has a whole lot to offer. If it is culture, food or simply just the mentality of the people and the aura of its places.

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