Your city break, your way

Our Vision

To lead the travel industry in “city break” travel. Our aim is to become pioneers in personalized customer service, social responsibility practices, promoting sustainability and cultivating an environment where every customer´s experience is as unique as they are.

Our Mission

We inspire, you create and we deliver.

At CityTrip, you are the creator of your getaway. As pioneers in establishing strong local connections, CityTrip offers an unmatched network of experts waiting for you at your destination. This takes your city break to the next level, ensuring that you venture off the beaten path; you will live like a local while enjoying authentic cultural treats and experiences.

Our customers have the ease of booking their city breaks thanks to our robust one-stop shop website. Through superior personalized live customer service including phone and chat, each and every detail of your dream vacation is important to us. Starting from the planning stage, we offer an unrivalled travel experience and access to local connections while assuring that our clients will benefit from the most competitive rates.

Our Core Values

Local Connection

Seeing a local historical monument for the first time can be a moving, memorable experience, if you know what you are looking at. You may ask yourself: what does this represent? Why is it important for me to understand its contextual meaning for the city I am visiting? We as travellers can read about our chosen destination beforehand, speculate the meaning behind what we are seeing and walk away feeling like maybe we get it.

For us at CityTrip, this is not good enough. We are passionate about our customers experiencing a city through the eyes of the local community. This strong local connection we have established ensures that our customers live, breathe and taste their way through a city. The local guides are exceptional in their craft as they take you on a journey that exceeds your expectations and teaches you how to feel a city from the inside.


Imagine smelling the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. The sea breeze blankets your body and senses with a gentle feeling of calm. This smell for you could be the definition of what it feels like to be on vacation.

If you love music, you could easily be moved to tears by your first Flamenco show.

Or what about the first time you try paella? The tastes and smells are so complex, it is nearly impossible to compare this famous dish to anything you have had before.

Biking through the windy, tiny side streets of the Gothic Quarter is fascinating and exhilarating. Admiring the street art in Poblenou is a colourful reminder that you are in a whole new and exciting environment.

Travel elicits emotions; this is one of the reasons travel is so addictive. We as human beings crave escape from our everyday lives and we yearn to explore the unexplored. At CityTrip, we take your journey seriously. We want the emotions you feel on your trip to be blissful, carefree and fulfilling.

Let us do the hard work so that you can take the city break weekends you will never forget.


“To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position in which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted.” -Bill Bryson

Regardless of your destination, CityTrip has countless activities, tours and cultural pleasures waiting for you. The beauty of travel is that even in simplistic endeavours such as having a quick bite to eat can unlock new and unexpected sensations.

Our hands-on and customized customer service is prepared for all of your needs as well as your hesitations. We inspire you to leave your comfort zone and feel the exhilaration of new experiences. Our local guides and experts are here to support you and care for you, every step of the way. After a trip with us, you will feel inspired to book your next adventure!

Social Responsibility

The world can become a more positive place if everyone plays their part in supporting local communities and charities around the world.

One of our goals at CityTrip is to create programs, initiatives and promotions to support populations in need as well as create awareness of myriad organizations that need us to play our part. Although the main focus of our work is travel, we feel that this can go hand and hand with social responsibility.

Ecologically Sustainable

We have always paid special attention to maintaining a proactive mind-set concerning responsible travel and tourism. For example, all of our airport transfers are carbon neutral: for the amount of CO2 that is emitted through transporting a passenger, we are investing into carbon offset programs. Airport transfers with CityTrip therefore do not contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Climate care, carbon offsetting, planting trees, ocean clean-ups and creating a CO2 neutral website are a handful of the initiatives we are currently drafting at CityTrip. We believe that sustainability and travel can fuse together, promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. We hope to lead by example, inspiring more organizations to integrate sustainable practice and awareness with their businesses.

About Us

“The lovely, comforting aroma of the campfire always reminds me of where my passion for travel was ignited. Although the idea of camping around Europe as a child with my parents and siblings could be considered a modest version of travel to our globalized world today, the beauty is in its simplicity. Green fields, endless treelines, the warmth in the air as we drove to our destination, all illicit an appreciation for nature and its vast, unexplored wonder.

Campgrounds are full of new adventures, fascinating people, and an appreciation for the world around us. This appreciation and love of nature has instilled in me how delicate and vulnerable this earth actually is. While it is so easy these days to be tempted by convenience, I still return to that child in the campground and make sustainable practice and social responsibility part of the core of CityTrip.” Christian Petzold – Director

Christian hails from Germany and has been an avid tourism enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He studied tourism management in Germany and the U.K. before embarking on a career dedicated to travel. Christian is an active outdoor fanatic and biker. He has completed treks around many destinations including cycling across the entire country of New Zealand. Sports are a passion for Christian, especially futbol. No matter what the weather looks like, he loves to get outside and get active.

Citybreak´s journey started in 2010 with Christian´s vision to create a travel company that combines the German cultural values of efficiency and organization with the passionate, vibrant culture of Spain. This marriage of cultures and ideals is the foundation of an organization that has grown and changed in the always-evolving world of travel.

Careful planning and organization fused with the fiery passion for the unexplored and love of life gives CityTrip a unique edge in the travel industry. Our customers know their trip is methodically planned and designed with exceptional customer service support and guidance. The local connections working with CityTrip are enthusiastic, warm and lively, just like the Barcelona natives.

The globalized world we live in has meant that our company has needed to adapt, shift and change over the years to meet the needs of the ever-changing travel industry. While at first it made sense for us to offer services solely for Barcelona, this model is no longer adaptable.

Our customers want to feel confident and comfortable using one service provider for all of their traveling needs, not just for one destination. Therefore, we are expanding our services on a global scale, but at the same time we are keeping our ideals and values intact. Growth does not mean that our customer service diminishes. Our local communities in every city break we offer are the reason our customers keep coming back to book their next adventure.