72 Hours in Las Vegas

Day 1

As you fly to Las Vegas, do not forget to look out the window! The vast and never ending desert that surrounds this city looks ominous as you fly over. Suddenly you will see Las Vegas, which almost seems out of place in the reddish hued dessert.

Once you get into the city, your senses will be totally stimulated, as there is so much happening at once. Want to see the Eiffel Tower, float on a gondola in Venice or take a roller coaster ride around New York City? You can do all of this in Las Vegas.

The themed hotels do not leave out any small detail and reflect the feeling and structures found in the themes they are depicting. The best thing you can do upon arrival is walking the strip.

If you feel like a drink, take one on the go! For North Americans, it is a big deal to legally enjoy beverages on the streets. Join in with their excitement and get a “roady” to go, as you get lost in the magic of Vegas.

Lunch / dinner

Buffet at the Wynn Lunch, which is open from 11 till 15:00. When we think of a buffet for any meal, there is an association of sub-par food that has been sitting out too long. Las Vegas will change your mind with the luxurious buffets they are known for.

At the Wynn, their patisserie has 39 dessert options. This is just dessert. You are in Vegas, the land of indulgence so go ahead and spoil yourself! Before you excite your taste buds with sweet treats, try one of the 15 food stations.

Fancy an Italian feast? No problem. Or maybe you haven’t had Asian food in a while. The Wynn has this culinary delight as well. Maybe it is your first time in the USA and you want to try some American food. This is also no problem; the Wynn has it all.


Evening Excitement

The LINQ Promenade 

On the LINQ promenade you can find restaurants, bars, nightlife, shopping and more entertainment. If you are afraid of heights, the High Roller may seem like too much, but it is absolutely worth a visit.

You will be on the tallest observation wheel of its kind in the world. It is a giant 550 feet tall and 520 feet in diameter.

In typical Vegas fashion where the customer is served to the highest quality, guests can enjoy a drink at the waiting room bar as they wait to be taken on the High Roller. Not finished with your drink? No problem! Take your drink with you.

Have you ever seen the movie “Ocean’s Eleven?” There is an iconic scene where the gang stares at this stunning, dancing fountain of water.

Welcome to the famous, high class Bellagio. This hotel has a magical fountain that is an absolute must see in Las Vegas. It is one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas. You can check out the different show times, as to not miss this beloved fountain show.


Drinks: The Mandarin Bar in the Mandarin Oriental

This bar is a hidden gem in Las Vegas. Your first challenge is finding the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. See which one out of you and your travel companions can showcase their navigational skills in finding this allusive hotel.  

What is the prize when you get there? Finding the bar! The bar is difficult to find as well, but all of your navigation adventures are worth it.

The hotel must want this bar hidden because there will not be signs showing you the way. Once you reach the elevator, you are almost done with your treasure hunt.

The bar is located at the 23th floor of the hotel, featuring amazing views of Las Vegas. Treat yourself to a delicious cocktail in the stylish decor as you melt into one of their big leather chairs. Don’t worry about where you sit; the bar has floor-to-ceiling windows and a beautiful bar.


Day 2

Tour to the Grand Canyon 

A 12 hours day trip to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the USA. Seeing it in person is a once in a lifetime experience. If you have traveled all this way, seeing the Grand Canyon with your own eyes is a memory that will be forever seared in your mind.

On the way to this natural beauty, your helpful guide will ensure that you know everything you are seeing. Driving out of the bustling craziness of Las Vegas into this serene geographical gem is the perfect balance of nature and pleasure on the strip.

These vastly different experiences are one of the fascinating parts of traveling to this destination. You can party and gamble all night long, wake up and take a drive to the kind of nature you´ve likely never seen before.

Once you have arrived at the Grand Canyon, you will have 3 hours of unguided time for exploration and relaxation. Recommendations beyond taking in the breathtaking views are: seeing the skywalk, Eagle Point Indian Village or a Wild West show.

For lunch you have various options for example:  Guano Point, Cowboy Cookout or the Skywalk Cafe.

Perhaps you are not sure that you will return to this part of the world and want to upgrade your experience. Tours can be upgraded with a ticket to the skywalk, a helicopter flight or a boat tour to ride on the Colorado River.

Dinner: Hash House a Go Go At LINQ Promenade

If you are in the USA, why not fully indulge at a place that has a featured item called the fried chicken waffle tower. Sweet and savory mixed together in perfect harmony and with the large portions that North America is known for. You are on vacation, go for it!

Have you heard of a stuffed burger? Try one of their famous burgers that features two patties with delicious ingredients stuffed in the middle.

The founders of Hash House a Go Go are from Indiana and their goal is to serve Midwest comfort food and keep the atmosphere warm and friendly.

In addition to their fabulous fare, try a delectable cocktail. Sometimes the best way to describe something is to go right to the source. If you check out their website, there is a featured cocktail with Huckleberry vodka. Have you ever even heard of this? I haven’t!

Here is a direct quote from their website describing this cocktail: “The Huckleberry Sin was conceived in a small bar in Big Fork Montana when partner, Jim Rees, was vacationing with his family and experienced Huckleberry Vodka for the first time. Mixed with homemade lemonade and garnished with blueberries, this drink was so refreshing and tasty that the idea of featuring it on the Hash House menu in a souvenir glass was born. A souvenir barrel glass was developed and the rest was history as this became one of the hottest selling beverages at Hash House a Go Go.”

I am ready to book a flight right now to Las Vegas, aren’t you?


Party: Hakkasan at MGM Grand

After your feast, it is time for some Vegas partying! Hakkasan at MGM Grand is one of the most famous clubs in Las Vegas. This club is big and it is pricey, however it is the best of the best. The most famous Djs play their music here.

Do not be surprised to see celebrities dancing the night away at this hotspot.  Everything you could imagine the nightlife in Las Vegas to be is right here at this club.


Late Night Snack: The pizzaria

As you will discover, it is very challenging to go to bed early here! Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. There is so much energy, fun and vibrancy; it is easy to suddenly realize how late it is and how hungry you are!

The Pizzeria is a hidden place on the third floor of the Cosmopolitan. While it is not easy to spot, it is totally worth it. In the hallway of the Cosmopolitan, you will pass album covers from Elvis, Frank Sinatra and other artists. Then you are on the right track.

There are lots of good pizzas, but keep in mind there are only standing places.


Day 3

Breakfast: Pantry at Mirage Las Vegas

Welcome to the world of 24 hour Vegas buffets! Pantry serves a delicious breakfast 24 hours a day. Regardless of when you wake up or when you get hungry, you can enjoy breakfast delights.

After you have stuffed yourself with yet another amazing buffet, you must stop at the famous Las Vegas sign. Of course this is popular, but for good reason. If you are going to see Las Vegas, then you have to get a picture in front of this sign!


Graceland Wedding Chapel

This is an authentic wedding chapel in Las Vegas.  With the presence of Elvis and the history of where it all started, this chapel can’t be missed. Graceland is also a famous wedding chapel for a lot of celebrities.


The Neon Museum

Close your eyes and imagine Las Vegas. What do you see in your mind? For many of you, the vision of neon signs, brightly lighting the luminous streets of Vegas come into your mind.

At this museum, see the history of these iconic images.

With its eclectic collection of signs, this museum showcases pieces of Vegas history through its signage. Ranging from old casinos, bars and other businesses, take in the evolving nature of this hip city through the lens of its neon signs.


Lunch: Citrus

A one-stop shop of luxury with free entrance, Citrus makes you feel like you are at a tropical resort with everything you need at your fingertips.

Located on the roof of the Downtown Grand’s Casino, Citrus boasts an infinity pool, cabanas, first class cocktails, outdoor games and a gazebo with a fire pit. You can have lunch here, swim, sip on cocktails and relax.


After lunch drink: Atomic Liquors

This is oldest freestanding bar in Las Vegas with the first package liquor license and off-sales permit in the city. It almost looks like an old fashioned diner from the outside.

This is very different than the other suggestions in this article, however it represents a piece of the special history in Las Vegas.  


Dinner: Trevi

Located next to ‘The Fountain of the Gods’ and with a stunning exterior, Trevi serves affordable and decadent Italian food. Trevi has won numerous awards for its Italian fare and homemade Italian desserts.

Las Vegas is a city that can take you anywhere. At this restaurant, you will feel like you are in Italy.


Show: Absinthe at Ceasers Palace 

There are myriad entertainment options and shows in Vegas to choose from. Absinthe combines it all: professional circus acts, acrobats, comedy, dancing, singing and incredible stunts. Las Vegas is escapism at its finest.

In this show, you will completely lose track of time, as you are mesmerized by a night of imagination at this risque adult production.

It is time to leave Vegas. Before you crash on the plane, take in the view of the city one last time.



Las Vegas, like every city, has a whole lot to offer. If it is culture, food or simply just the mentality of the people and the aura of its places.

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