72h in Naples
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The pleasure and joy of travelling to foreign cities is important to everyone.

So how can you get the most out of a Citytrip?

Visiting a new place is fun, interesting and exciting for everyone but there are some challenges to it because you don’t know this place or even if you have been there before, it still isn’t your hometown.

In this guide I’m going to show you to overcome the challenge of planning a trip to Naples by simply showing you the ultimate guide to a 72 hour stay in Naples.

So here we go:

Day 1

13:00h/ 1pm Arrival at the airport of Naples

Welcome to this pearl of the Mediterranean sea! Get your luggage and get out of the airport; it’s time to get you to your hotel.

The cheapest way to get there is with the bus company “Alibus”. This shuttle takes you for just 5€ to the central railway station and to the Port; no further stops included!

From the central railway station, it is easy to hop on the metro to get closer to your hotel. Alternatively, it is a very walkable city and you can easily get to your destination by foot.

A more convenient way would be the “private airport shuttle“. For just 36€ you get picked-up by your private driver and brought to your hotel in no-time.

To take taxis or cabs on-spot in Naples is not highly recommended, as there is always a good chance that you get overcharged, leaving a bitter taste on your arrival.


15:00h/ 3pm Arrival at your hotel

Get checked in, take some time to enjoy the fact that your vacation has officially started now!

italian flag GIF by Viaggio nel Mondo


After everything is set with your hotel: get up & out! Naples has so many loveable quarters, piazzas and streets to discover.

Head to the Piazza Plebiscito, find yourself surrounded by marvelous buildings and take in this beautiful space. Just imagine how it must look like on New Years Eve or when there is an outdoor concert. Let me tell you, it is incredible and beeing there makes you feel incredibly small.

Insider Tip: If you are on a family trip or travelling with friends, ask them for a challenge: Stand infront of the Royal Palace and now face the Basilica across the square. You will see two horse statues framing the main entrance. Now tell your friend or family to close their eyes and try walking blindfolded across the piazza ending in between the two hourses. Of course with yourself aside in order to warn them if they are about to bump in to somebody. You will have a fun experience watching them fail! Afterwards it’s your turn and of course you know the trick in order to be able to walk straight. Concentrate on where the sun is standing; even with your eyes closed you will be able to walk more or less straight!

c: Pietro Scerrato

From the Piazza Plebiscito, take a quick walk to the gulf of Naples, stroll along the promenade and breath in the ocean air. Admire the beautiful Castel dell’Ovo from a far and enjoy the smooth sound of the waves hitting land.

The promenade is the perfect place to take a break and grab a drink; at this time a day preferably a beer (try Peroni or Moretti, you won’t regret it) or an Aperol Spritz.

C: Felix Hoefer


20:00h/ 8pm Dinner time

Since it is your first day in Naples you have to eat pizza tonight! One of the best places to do that is the L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

The special thing about this pizzeria is that it just has two options on the menu. Even with just two options on their menu it is still a tough decision.

Should you go with the Pizza Marinara or the Pizza Margherita? Well I can’t answer this one for you, but trust me, both are mouth watering and absolutely delicious!

Fun Fact: The well-known Pizza Margherita got his name from Queen Margherita of Savoy. In 1889 she went for a visit in Naples where a local Pizzaiolo created a pizza just for her resembling the Italian flag, since the unification of Italy was fairly fresh. Red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green basil – the Pizza Margherita was born.

c: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

After dinner  (make sure to drink a nice espresso afterwards) take it easy this night. In Italy there is no rush to be anywhere anyway. Maybe get another digestivo in a cafe overlooking the ocean or in one of the many buzzing piazzas, as your first day slowly goes by.


Friday Morning:

Enjoy your Hotel breakfast or do it as the italians do: Go to any cafe and order an espresso/ cappuccino with a cornetto or graffa.

If you really want to have breakfast like a local, then you eat & drink your order standing right at the counter. Notice how everyone talks to each other as they enjoy their espresso.

Fun Fact: Having an espresso at a bar is considered the most social thing in Naples, so it is considered something everybody should afford. In fact there are some people living on the streets that can’t even afford this. In order that every single person can take part of this social habit in almost every bar in Naples people can buy an additional caffè sospeso to their own. A caffè sospeso basically means that you buy two coffee and just get one, but when someone comes in the bar that usually can’t afford having a coffee there, he will drink your caffè sospeso. It is a simple, anonymous act of generosity.

Now that you have strengthen yourself it’s time to explore a bit of the city. Walk to the old quarter along the Via dei Tribunali and get lost in the narrow streets there.

Make sure to walk along the Via San Gregorio Armeno; it is a narrow street just with tiny shops that sell handcrafted figures for cribs. You can see the art of cribs like no where else in the world while admiring the small figures and watching the merchant creating new ones.

Once you are back on the Via dei Tribunali it is time to explore the Underground of Naples.

No, no, don’t worry, I am talking about the Sotterranea, an underground labyrinth of tunnels over 200km long under the city of Naples.

Take a guided tour, walk 40 meters underground, see your own breath and explore one kilometer with your guide. (Not recommend for highly claustrophobic people!) 

c: Armando Mancini

Once the tour is done, take a look right next to the start & end point of the tour, there is a shop called “Limone – Fabrica di Limoncello”.

Make sure to check it out! Everything in there is homemade and delicious, from Limoncello, over Lemon Sweets, Lemon Pasta to Lemon Honey. They also give you free samples!


13:00/ 1pm

Walk to the Spanish quarter; there you will have a crazy lunch experience! Da Nennella is your place to go! Make sure to get there on time, because they are closing at 15:00/3pm. Da Nennella is a restaurant with just daily menus and it is packed all the time!

Why are you asking? Well first of all, because the food they serve is really good, traditional Italian food and second of all, you get a three-course-menu with wine included for just 12€ per person!

Depending on your choice, a three-course menu could be: first plate: pasta alle vongole (pasta with clams), second plate: salmone arosto e insalata verde (roasted salmon with green salad) and as the dessert you will get a fruit.

If there are people waiting already outside to get in, make sure to move around them to tell the waiter to put your name on the list. They will call you once they have a table ready for you.

Insider Tip: Right next to Da Nennella is a bar called Cammarota Spritz. They make a great Aperol Spritz for just 1€ while you wait for your name to be called.

After Lunch you will be full, so first of all you will need an espresso.

Just in case you haven’t got lost in the old town earlier today, you now will get lost in the Spanish quarter because here the streets are even more narrow. The easy walking exercise will also help digest the feast you just had.

I’m telling you this day you will eat like a king, not just because you had a delightful lunch but tonight you will be going to Naples’ best Pizzeria, which means it is the best pizzeria in the world.

You probably already walked by it but now, that you got your taste buds all warmed up, it’s time for the champions league, the creme-de-la-creme of food.


Dinner at Gino Sorbillo

The Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo is our favourite.

The whole family Sorbillo, which includes 23 persons all became pizzaiolos, a tradition passed on from grand-grandfather down until grand-grandsons and -daughters. Each pizza on the Menu is named after one member of the family and there seriously is no wrong choice.

Fun Fact: What is the right drink to go to dinner in Italy? WRONG, it’s not wine, a true Italian usually eats pizza for dinner instead of lunch and has a beer/coke or water with it. Wine is reserved for lunch.


Saturday Morning:

This day will be your excursion day.

Once in Naples one should visit Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii.

There is a reason why Naples is considered the most dangerous city in Europe to live in. This is because of its proximity to the still active volcano Mount Vesuvius. The devastation it could cause is best seen with a trip to the ruins of the city of Pompeii.

So after your breakfast you have two options: either you visit those places by yourself using the Italian train system or you take part of a guided tour.

Especially for visiting Pompeii a guided tour is highly recommended because at the ruins there are almost no additional historically informations to them. A guide can make this trip so much more special than it already is.

The best way to explore those two sights would be with the “Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii Day Trip” for 90€. With this option you also get picked up from your hotel and get the best experience within 7 hours.

Insider Tip: With or without a guided tour, make sure to pack something to eat, restaurants are fairly available on this excursion and if  you find one the food in relation to the food in Naples will be disappointing. The local butcher will be happy to put some meats on bread you give him, creating a delicious sandwich.


17:00h/ 5pm

Welcome back to Naples! You have had a full day of excursions, why don’t you sit back and relax at the ocean promenade for a refreshing drink of your choice?


19:00h/ 7pm

It’s getting time to get to tonight’s restaurant. Since this will be your last meal in Naples you might want to go to a place you have already been like Da Michelle, Da Nennella or Gino Sorbillo.

If you would prefer  to experience a different restaurant, the Trattoria Campagnola is your choice (No pizza available). The Trattoria Campagnola is a restaurant that is mostly frequented by locals and they serve delicious pasta dishes.


22:00h/ 9pm

Can you believe this is already your last evening in this wonderful city? Me neither, time went by so fast.

One thing you still have to do is, if you haven’t done it already: try the ice cream! Check out Piazza Dante, there is a Gelateria called Gay-Odin – it is one of the best ones in the city.

Piazza Dante is also the perfect place to enjoy the last evening in a relaxing way while grabbing one or two goodbye-drinks.

If you want to feel more buzz your choice now is Cammarota Spritz, during night time this place is packed and you will meet locals and people from all over the world!

c: Massimo Finizio


Sunday morning

One last breakfast. If you have had it at your hotel the whole time, on your last occassion give the local breakfast a try. Have a last espresso/ cappuccino with a cornetto or graffa.

Listen to the hymn of Naples from Pino Daniele and get ready for departure.

Let your hotel get you a cab, take a private driver or use the Alibus – whatever you prefer and with all the melancholy of an ending trip, always keep in mind: You say Arriverderci (See you again) instead of Ciao (Bye) to the city of Naples.

The next time there are more quarters, restaurants and excursions to discover.



Naples, like every city, has a whole lot to offer. If it is culture, food or simply just the mentality of the people and the aura of its places.

If you are hooked with the idea of going to Naples than don’t forget to sign up for our 5 secret tips.

But even more important, we would like to hear from you:

What are your thoughts about Naples? Is there anything missing in this guide? Do you have open questions? We love to discuss travel so go ahead and fire away, there are no wrong comments!

Also, please let us know how your trip went and what was the most exciting part about it.


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